3 Costly Mistakes People Make before marriage

Marriage, often likened to a valuable appliance designed to enhance life, is a significant journey that requires careful navigation. It demands mature individuals who are spiritually, emotionally, and physically ready to take on the responsibilities, grow, and learn together. The human factor becomes the cornerstone, shaping the course of a marriage and determining its success. In this piece, I would unveil three out of five major mistakes people commonly make when approaching the monumental decision of marriage.

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1.Making a long term decision based on temporary situation ( situations change)

Marriage has a profound impact on the quality of life, capable of elevating one to their highest potential or plunging them into mediocrity. Choosing the right partner is critical, as a wrong decision can significantly diminish one’s potential. Making decisions based on temporary situations is akin to walking into a deadly ditch, sacrificing long-term fulfillment for momentary joy. It’s essential to be vision-minded when selecting a life partner, ensuring that the choice aligns with your long-term goals and aspirations.

2.Not looking beyond the fickleness of love; Marrying because of emotions

While emotions play a role in relationships, relying solely on the fleeting nature of love can be perilous. Emotions are known to be great followers but poor leaders, often clouding judgment and leading to regrettable decisions. When contemplating marriage, it’s crucial to clear the head, objectively evaluate facts, and ensure that the decision is grounded in a deep understanding of compatibility and shared values. Love is a beautiful aspect of marriage, but a solid foundation requires a comprehensive view beyond transient emotions.

  1. Rejecting Counsel and Accountability:

The adage “In the multitude of counsel, there is safety” holds profound wisdom, especially in the context of marriage. Recognizing that no one is an island, seeking the input of trusted individuals is paramount. Accountability, safety, and guidance are found in intentional communities that provide valuable perspectives. When faced with emotionally charged decisions, such as marriage, involving others ensures a more objective outlook. Seek counsel from mature figures within your community, including mentors, guardians, and pastors, as their unbiased viewpoints can reveal aspects that emotional involvement may obscure.


As you embark on the journey towards marriage, remember that the choices you make today will shape your future. Avoiding these three costly mistakes—making decisions based on temporary situations, relying solely on fickle emotions, and neglecting counsel—can significantly contribute to the success of your marital union. To explore the remaining two critical mistakes, follow the link provided and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to build a lasting and fulfilling marriage.

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