Dotun Arifalo is a kingdom enthusiast, a destiny catalyst, an empowerer, a broker of gifts and a Movement maker initiating viral spiritual awakening, disciple making and church planting movements.

Dotun Arifalo is a builder of effective systems of spiritual growth and discipleship, connecting the globe back to God.

She has a Multiple Million Mandate vision to empower One million Disciples on different ministry platforms for Christ by 2030 so that the knowledge of the glory of Christ covers the earth according to Habakkuk 2:14.
Her mission is to make the mission of Christ to be accomplished through her formidable ministry networks.

Dotun Arifalo is a prolific speaker with an unusual grace of connecting with people of different races, an author, a life, business and lifestyle Mentor whose passion is contagious, initiating transformation in everyone that comes in contact with her. 
She has a great passion to see men and women utilized, raised from mediocrity to maximizing their lives and God given potentials as they discover and fulfill God’s divine mandates for their lives.

PD as fondly called is the Chief Catalyst of the Fire nation, on a mission to stir up the awakening of God’s Spirit in the nations of the earth as instruments of God’s peace and tools of His revival, through the preaching and teaching of God’s word and the move of God’s Spirit.

Pastor Dotun Arifalo

She is the President of the Dotun Arifalo Ministries and the Visionary Leader of Dominion House Discipleship Movement with a vision to raise kingdom leaders.

Dotun Arifalo has founded numerous organizations that are focused on equipping and empowering men and women for kingdom leadership, societal significance and to make generational impact.

They include…

Dominion House

Discipleship and church planting Movement.


The international women prayer banquet


Campus Invasion Movement. Raising kingdom revivalists on the campuses..


The Business Women Kingdom Network. Empowering kingdom Builders.


Leading Ladies Business Institute (LLBI). Empowering women economically.


The Next Network (TNN). Building kingdom leaders

She is married to Vincent Arifalo, her visionary partner and they have children that are being trained for kingdom leadership.

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