A Man Sent from God

…celebration of Founder’s Day 3.0

Rev. Dotun Arifalo

RD as fondly called is a Visionary Leader, Gift Broker, Destiny Catalyst, an Empowerer, Mentor, Coach, and alot more….

Celebrating our Founder and Visionary. Her multiple years of impact is not what can be overlooked, living a life full of vision, in pursuit of purpose, and steadily on the path of destiny is worth celebrating.

An exclusive event, where all who want to be inspired to live for a bigger course should be…

Dotun Arifalo Ministries… Taking Nations

Event Details

Saturday, 15th July 2023

The Charis Centre, Etal Avenue, by First Bank Bus stop, Off Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja

Kimono & Poncho

Get ready for a fun and an inspiring timeout

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Strong Testimonials form submission spinner.

I have been blessed continuously in this community (WKB), my prayer life has been transformed and I enjoy fellowship with God more, daily. I also developed more understanding of His Word and being accountable in spiritual activities.

Funmi Taiwo

Pastor Dotun is an amazing Chief Mentor International. I came in contact with WPB at a challenging crossroad of my life and I have received and loving it. PD’s personna is unique with a real big heart for everyone everywhere, her teachings are simple yet profound…
We celebrate the founder of it all Dotun Arifalo!
Happy Founders Day


Knowing RD has been a blessing. She is a strong, vibrant and powerful force that pushes and motivates me to know God more and pray more fervently. God has used her to rekindle our fire. My life is better for it. I’m grateful for the gift of RD. Happy Founder’s Day ma

Happiness Ogunleye

I have so blessed by Rev Dotun . My prayer life have increased front one hours to 7 hours and I am now bold and speak effectively and efficiently. She is a great mentor and I pray God to continue to uphold and bless her as she fulfils her purpose here on earth and get plenty rewards in heaven in Jesus mighty name Amen.
RD is special to me unique and 360 degree woman with varieties. Keep smiling and happy all the time. May God continue to strengthen you daily as your light shine and you soar Higher and higher in every area of your life daily in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏 🙏 Love you Big RD ❤️🌹🌹🌹

Ngozi Ukpabi

I want to use this medium to say a very big thank you to my boss at work place YEWANDE MORDI, she invited for a challenge last year May 5th. It was an eternal precious gift she gave me.

Joining Amazon is one of the best thing that has happened to me because I got to know RD who’s now my Pastor, Shepherd, Mentor and my destiny catalyst.
Mum words are not enough to appreciate you, you have done so much for me, I cannot tell all.
Thank you very much and I love you so much.


Since i joined the WPB.My life has changed for the best.i find pleasure in praying, reading and courage to speak with people.

Adeola Adeojo

The date i had with RD was inspirational cause life lessons were taught, which shaped my life for good

Ayoku Jinadu

RD has the warmest hugs I’ve ever seen. Her hugs speaks volumes of love! I always look forward to them!

We love you, Rev’ D!

Adeyemi Joy

God has consistently met my needs since I joined WPB.

I love the Pauline Prayers,
Kings have no needs
My needs are met before they arise
My bills are paid without stress.
I have abundance and I ever lack.
I have no consciousness of Lack.

Yemisi Ibidum

Have been struggling with my prayer life, but since I joined it’s been awesome though not there yet but it’s been an amazing journey so far

Akaehomen Doris

I can’t begin to describe how much Dominion house and WPB has impacted my life. May God reward you Pastor Vincent and Pastor Dotun Arifalo. You have impacted so many lives and I pray that we will pass on all that we’ve learnt and keep learning to the next generations.
Thank you thank you thank you!

Mercy Simotwo

I saw the flier on Instagram for a challenge some years ago.

Since then my life as taken a new turn, I pray long hours, I speak to people with boldness. I don’t have a reasonable conversation without saying RD said or referring to something I have learnt from her.
God bless mama for me

Akeasa Ayobami

I attended the Bootcamp in June and it has been life Transforming for me, I have registered for Pathfinder also looking forward to that too… Gloryyyyyy Hallelujah!

Thank you

Vivian EloOghene

I am not there yet but Women’s prayer banquet cause my soul to keep panting for the things of God and I am grateful 🙏

Temitope Balogun

I have been blessed with so much trainings/teachings. God from Kingdom Business summit and BABY training from RD. God bless you always ma.

Ogechi Nnabuogor

God is good all the time and all the time God l would vto thank him for what he has done in my life today l have been fighting so many battle in life God has saved me alot God time is the best time

AGAPE judy kabayi

The first I heard of RD was her voice from the Pauline Prayers, my sisters always played it. But I would always ask why she yelled so much like that, like, was it necessary? I had concerns that shouldn’t even be my worry which was, does she not feel some kind of hurt in her voice from screaming out her lungs??

Fast forward the first day I finally came to church, my sis said to go say hello, she practically dragged me to RD because left for me, I didn’t want anybody in my face.

I got to her, sis introduced me and she let out this welcome smile 😁 then she followed it with her signature hug. That was literally the first time someone hugged me genuinely like that. And typical of PD, (no time to waste) she asked if I was saved of which I wasn’t sure.
She quickly reached out to MFi to take me through the process.

And since that day, this same voice that felt like a disturbance now serves as Wake up call for times when I want to snooze.
This voice is like a Trainer’ that yells at his trainee when he is not getting the right passes.
This voice has not stopped ringing ‘if I RD can do it, you too can!

I’m super grateful for the gift of you ma. Sometimes I say to myself, do I really deserve you? You’re an embodiment of grace. I celebrate you everyday ma

I remain grateful to God for bringing me into this pack! Love you!

Happy Founder’s Day Mum 💃🏻💃🏻👯

Abigail Ezeokeke

I want to thank God for Rev Dotun Arifalo and also the women prayer banquet, my spiritually life and physical life has changed. ii can pray long hours and recently she thought on battlefield of the min, and she was like we should learn to start praying in tongues as soon as we wake up and that has being helping me, even on the bus i listen to gospel music and begin to pray in tongue. ALL GLORY TO GOD


My spiritual life has gone from zero to 80 percent and because of this beautiful foundation I hunger for the presence of God more and I can’t wait to do exploit for God 💃💃💃💃💃.

Esther Onayemi

My spiritual life has changed for better,
The Lord has been faithful in my family.
My marriage has know peace.

Juliet Nnduka chika

It has been an awesome ride in the Holy Ghost with the Amazon network. My spiritual life has been revitalised and I’m praying hours I thought was never possible for a busy executive. Thank God I clicked on the link this March.

Adeola Egbeyemi

For me as a lover of God what attract me and get me more intimate to him is his word hence when I went to relate with an children of God is his/her indepth revelational knowledge of God word available. For Rev she is a unrely 360 biker of God’s word- she will take you deep then bring you out redefine. Her books, conference and counseling speak with a loud volume of her person.
Love you plenty ma for truly allowing God by his spirit to reach out around and across the globe with a definition of what it means to be called GOD’S BELOVED

Apostle idikachi odinma
Prevailing power ministry international ikorodun Lagos

Apostle idikachi odinma

RD She is my Destiny Catalyst and Spiritual Midwife.She has empowered me to have a burning desire to see the lives of human beings transformed. I admire her passion , dedication and grace.

I see myself as someone else’s destiny catalyst I m in the right environment….❤️❤️✨️✨️🤣😍 Love you RD..

Kezia Samuel

Before I joined WPB, I was a church goer and never knew the power of prayer or the word of God.
I didn’t even sow seeds.
For the past nine months, my life has been transformed greatly. I can now pray regularly and for longer hours than I did before.
My giving or sowing of seeds is now done effortlessly. I have been blessed in a way that I hardly now lack.
WPB has blessed me so much that I am now accountable as I am being mentored by my Captain (Ifunaya) under the leadership of ourFamily Head

Mamako Fallah

I was at the verge of committing suicide, I felt so worthless and abandoned. I believed that God had no interest in me so I should just end it all but thank God for the encounter I had in WPB. Through the ministry of RD my life now has a purpose. I am living a fulfilled life to the glory of God. I see God transforming and refining every aspect of my life. Thanks so much for answering this call of ministry ma.

Susan Akebe

(screams in excitement) Mummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!🤗🤗🤗
It’s your fave gen Z baby!🤩
Happy Founder’s Day!!!🥳🥳🥳🥳

OMG where do I begin?!!! RD has been light, joy to me! It’s amazing how much she has impacted the next generation. Without RD, I wouldn’t have PA, PI, PS, PO and my PI junior! Without them, my sister wouldn’t have dragged my brothers and I to church and we wouldn’t have met a lovely person full of passion like mum.

You know meeting RD and talking to her was like talking to an older version of me and it was a very beautiful experience. Mum is super dramatic and chatty (like me🤭). There’s never a bored moment with her and I love everything about her. The way she speaks and carries herself giving that whole aura and vibe of “THE ROLE MODEL” right there!😌💯
Mum is a very lovely person and you can’t come in contact with her and live without being impacted in an everlasting way because she just always knows what to say and it will leave you coming back for more, I’m not kidding!

There’s just too many things to say about mum.
Thank you for being a mother to many, myself and family included❤‍🔥✨
You’re a blessing to the world and I am beyond happy and grateful to have met you. There’s just this wonderful feeling of joy when you think about RD and how much she has done and is still doing. Her character alone speaks a thousand worthy traits that you want to imbibe and pass on to the next generation. And I bless the day my family met you.

Thank you so much for all you do! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MUM!🫰🏽🫰🏽🫰🏽

Chinenye Nora Imo

Mama has helped me to know that I am not worthless and I have a lot to achieve here on earth. Also her training are impactful.

Elizabeth Okuta

Glory be to God in the highest. Before, l cannot pray for more than 10mins but now, l can pray hours.

Titilayo Owolabi

I am testimony of someone who is fully living her purposeful life through the training and accountability platform of Pastor Dotun Arifalo. I am change person in every areas of my life. Glory to God.

I celebrate you my spiritual mother. More grace in Jesus name

Tolulope Adenuga

Before Joining the women prayer banquet I knew nothing about purpose, Mentorship or accountability
Thank God for RD and the Women Prayer Banquet during Covid 19 because that was when I had my own encounter and since then I have been yielding to my process of becoming.
I can’t imagine life if RD hasn’t been sent for those of us who came from not too Spiritual family.
Thank you RD for saying YES to the call upon your life ma.

Temitope Bamidele

Woman Prayer Banquet has
helped me to understand the
purpose of God for my life and
also help to improve my prayer Life🙌

Anita Munjeh Sandi

Before I join WPB I am a Christian by birth, I can’t pray long and I am a sinner with lies and I have excuses for lying 🤥🤥 but God safe me by PD teachings sis tosin and sis toyin following up I started falling in love with Jesus Christ and ministry, I started praying long within a week I got my tongue speaking in the holy ghost, you won’t understand cos I have been trying to do that since 10yrs before I join WPB Glory to God

Also when I started joining the business women network, that changed my mindset and also helped me in my business

I just want return the glory to God for bringing this vision to PD

Love you mama 💕😘

Kowor O Blessing

I am most blessed meeting RD, she has found me n given my vision n life pursuit a meaning . Blessed to be raised by her. I fully understand me as a brand . In her voice my voice is heard

Blessyn Bassey-Henshaw

Before now, I’m not that prayerful. But during the 24 hrs prayer program online. I became fierce in prayer.
Thanks to Pastor D. A. For such a wonderful experience.
I celebrate God in her life.

Aderemi Babatunde Samson

Before now, I’m not that prayerful. But during the 24 hrs prayer program online. I became fierce in prayer.
Thanks to Pastor D. A. For such a wonderful experience.
I celebrate God in her life.

Aderemi Babatunde Samson

Since I came in contact with Rev Dotun Arifalo, I have never stopped becoming my better self. With her, you can never have a better yesterday. My true me emerges on a daily basis. I know it hasn’t entered into the heart of men, what God is up to with my life. I continue following and getting better!

For me, It is how you poured yourself into us. As you always say it, I want to pour myself and all I know into you.

Thank you for your yieldedness to God’s call. You are changing lives and reshaping destinies.

Love you always.

Tosin Treasures-Olawunmi

Tosin Treasures-Olawunmi

In few words, my efficiency was birth forth by her. I will always be grateful for that reason. Thank you mama, more grace, more love. Love you mama!!!

Wpb made me come closer to God and it change my prayer life style .
Thank you @Dotun Arifalo ministries.

Lawrence Benedicta

Before joining Dominion House my life was a mess. There was a space in my heart which I know it’s only God that can fill. I was so so hungry for God but there was non around me to feed me.
In the midst of all these I asked God to please send me to my destiny helpers. Those that he has assigned to help me become all that he created me to be. In Dec. 5th God answered my request and brought me to PD.
I was set free from confusion. I received a clearer revelation of my purpose. I am being fed daily with God’s word. I was thought how to pray, study and meditation on the scriptures, how to preach.
The Pauline Prayers has also transformed my life.

Damilola Adeniyi

Go safe me from hands of evil ones

Temitayo Olajumoke Balogun

Woman Prayer Banquet has helped me to understand the purpose of God for my life and also help to improve my prayer life.

Ephanus Helen Damilola

My name is Gloria Robson. I am an Etiquette and Image Consultant.

I met PD in 2015 at a conference she organized for women. It was love at first sight because in that conference, she taught us how to pray fervently in the Holy Spirit. I left that conference Refreshed spirit while I bought some of her materials to keep me going.

Ever since then, I have been on fire for the Lord while I keep attending her many other programs.

PD is a lover of humans especially women and her hug is always refreshing.

PD, I invited you to speak with my girls and you came all the way without charging me nothing. Thank you so much.

Thank you for your love for God and humanity.. may God continue to bless and honour you .

I celebrate you always.

Thank you for leading the way … I am following diligently..

I Love you Big.

Gloria Robson

Gloria Robson

Since I have joined The Women’s Pray Banquet I have gained a closer relationship with God and also a few friends. Thank you for making me feel so welcomed to the group. I really appreciate your love and support. Thanks again.xx🙏🏾💕🙏🏾

Jennifer Hamilton

I met Reverend Dotun Arifalo in 2018. Meeting mum is a life miracle for me, an answer to my prayers. I taught I was praying untill I met RD. Going through Women Prayer Banquet shifted my Spiritual life 360⁰. I got into the leading ladies business institute where I began to discover who I am. I unlearned, learned and re-learned many life principles. I am forever grateful to God for the gift of Reverend Dotun Arifalo. God bless you greatly mum. Greater frontiers and territories are taken more and more by you in the name of Jesus Christ. God bless you mum.

Debbie Amole

Igot to know about the Pauline prayers from my mentor, Pastor Dotun Arifalo in 2018 when I was under her ministry for spiritual, personal and business growth. There are certain things I learnt for the first time in my life when I came across Pastor Dotun and her husband, Pastor Vincent Arifalo. One of such is the Pauline prayers. My children started confessing these prayers from when they were little and I have witnessed their physical, spiritual and mind growth in a very special way. Pastor Dotun was the catalyst for financial freedom for my family and voice shaped my husband and I towards financial freedom. Her voice is always ringing in my head and I bless the name of the Lord for meeting her in 2018. Thank you so much mama.

Abimbola Bodude

I started attending Dominion House, Lighthouse Family, Surulere just after the Children’s day program and in 2 months, my spiritual perspective has been transformed. The purpose God called me to, to get more harvest into the Kingdom has been renewed. I am not just better spiritually, my career has been affected positively. I am more focused and driven towards achieving my goals with results to show for it.
I am not who I used to be! Praise God!!!!

Folorunso Adebowale

Thanks Reverend Dotun for giving to the Lord. I could never have found my way back to my first love if I didn’t meet you. It proved really difficult over the years before I met you. You came into my life right on time and you have helped me navigate through layers of paradigm that the devil put on my to ensure that I never know or understand the love of the father forever again.

Congratulations Reverend!
Greater feats and more accomplishment in His vineyard.
I love you to the moon and back 💛

Opeyemi Araoye

Rev, Dotun Arifalo teaching series has taught me to overcome fears. I have become so bold, Holy Ghost empowered. Knowing who I am in Christ Jesus and how to exercise my authority. She is a blessing to me. So grateful to God for making me to know this heavenly Ambassador. God bless you ma. You changed my world.

Onome Emoefe

I’m grateful to God coming across A supernatural being, A barrier breaker, A territorial taker, My Every Monday Morning Alarm ⏰ God’s General Rev. Dotun Arifalo. Ever since I joined the Army of God, my life has not been the same. My eyes are enlightened to do more in the kingdom of God. I would forever be grateful to God bringing you our ways 🙌
Thank you ma’am for all you do🙏❤️

Igwe Chimezie Juliet


From being hopeless to being hopeful; from having no vision to carrying a God-size vision; from being afraid of going to hell to being God-fident that heaven is sure for me. All of this and more is who I have become; and I’m grateful for the gift of RD. All thanks goes to God who connected me with such amazing, awe-inspiring and engraced personality.
Wishing you a year of greater exploits, wealth and fulfilment. Love you much.

Damilola Suleiman-Felix

RD has made such an impact in my life that it is almost impossible to talk about where and who I am today without mentioning her.

In all honestly it’s really difficult to comprehend how I came in contact with RD when I’m all the way in South Africa. It just shows me how intentional God is.

From the minute I got talking with RD I knew that this was no ordinary setup by God.

My relationship with Rev D has taught me that there are just somethings you can’t run from when it’s calling you. (Story for another day).

In summary I just want to say, thank you to Rev D for being a covering, a mother, a coach a friend and most important my destiny catalyst. Every time I have to talk about RD words just seem to fail me but that just shows what a woman of value and substance she is. She’s no ordinary woman and I can’t thank God enough for bringing me into her space.

I love you so much, mum ❤️
Thank you for all you do, for who you are and for what you stand for.

Nwa-Amaka Chukwurah

Since l joined this Army my life has seen a great light now l can see now l can understand the word of God lam greatful that my paths meet with my destiny catylis lam greatly grateful to God almighty

Rosemary Igbang

Reverend Duton Arifalo is an undeniable Destiny Catalyst. I had have two significant encounters with God through her transformational training and discipleship by the Word of God. My faith has increase and a passionate fire has been Ignited for the Will of God that cannot be quenched.

Candice Francis

PD has been of a tremendous impact in my life though I’ve not met with her physically yet but I hope to soon.
There’s this command in her words that sparks a light in my life and stimulates me to wanting to do more for God and also improve on my career. She’s a 360 leader indeed. You can’t go through her teachings and your life won’t change for the better. Thanks so much PD for all you do for the Kingdom of God and for us. Keep illuminating our world with God’s beauty and wisdom in you. I love you Mom.

Victor C. Iroegbu

I Haven’t been Able to Meet RD Physically But She Have Touched My Life In Ways Unimaginable Through Her Spiritual Daughter Omolade Daramola From Ikorodu Lighthouse. She has been a Brother Keeper and much More. I Celebrate RD For Taking Up This Call Of Transformation of Lives and Reconciliation. God Bless You Ma

Ogbonnaya Victor Chidi

I joined the women prayer banquet after salvation .my first amazing gift was the one of speaking in tongues ,connecting with the Holy Spirit and knowing the will of God for my life though the word of God through the many teachings of RD and PV .

My life changed ,my fears were gone ,I live a more happier life and my path was orchestrated into God’s will.so many things happened at a time for me .I must say Dotun Arifalo ministries have touched my entire life and has made great impact in my life and everything called mine .

Olabisi Adesanya

I am an Amazon, My connecting with Rev’d Dotun Arifalo was one of the greatest blessings I have ever had after Salvation. Before then I was so tormented with the spirit of fear, was depressed, confused and not having an direction in life. It was frustration back to back. Thank God I met My destiny helper, catalyst and propeller. No more fear, I am no more depressed, no more a cry baby. I live an impactful life. I now know God’s purpose for my life and through my partnership in the Amazon network we are raising other women to fulfil their God ordained purpose and destiny. Thank you Mummy Dotun Arifalo, because of what God is doing through you I am living my best life, a meaningful one. Praised God.

Oluwakemi Olayinka

I joined Amazon and met RD at a time in my life that I needed help Spiritually. She was God sent to me because ever since, my life has never been the same again. I will say confidently that my life has had a 360 degree turn around. Through the ministry, I have also birth people Spiritually. God bless you mama and thank you for being my destiny catalyst.

Yewande Mordi

Spiritual awakening since I joined this commission and peace all around.

Oluwabukolami Adedoja

Meeting Reverend Dotun has changed my life in so many ways she is such an inspiration and I’m glad she decided to rise up so that thousands of men like me will not be lost. Thank you mama for being my destiny catalyst, pastor and teacher. I love you ❤

Divine Ayedun


These are mum’s best words to me. Thousands of men are out there roaming about not knowing the difference between their left and right all because someone didn’t rise up to show them the way.

Just because mum decided to rise up and take her place in God’s assignment, thousands of souls will not go to hell. Thousands of men have risen from a place of mediocrity to a place of purpose. Many sleeping giants have risen to become one of God’s Army in their generation.

I’m so blessed that a womb like hers can incubate my destiny. I’m blessed to have Rev. Dotun as my destiny catalyst, my trainer/coach, my teacher, my pastor and my mother.

Thank you for rising so Thousands of us could rise and so we can also help millions, and billions to rise. You’ve been my greatest inspiration. Is it how you exemplify everything you teach? Or how you’re so invested in every aspect of our lives? From spiritual, to self development, to business, to finances, to career, etc.

Thank you mum for that transferable passion that will go on from generation to generation. My lineage is blessed because I came I’m contact with your anointing. Thank you for showing me the best way to live.

I love you mum ❤


I met Rev. Dotun at a point where I sought clarity at the same time, hungry for God.

6 years down the line, I can boldly say that I am at the centre of God’s plan for my life, forcefully advancing in His will.

Thank you mom for saying Yes to the Lord and for raising me to become strong and sturdy. I love you forever 💓

Omolade Daramola

I met RD at a time in my life when I literally wanted more, I needed a mentor, I needed a Growth community, I had so many unfulfilled dreams and aspirations within and I was desperate for God’s intervention. RD was that Angel God sent my way in 2018 and I’m forever grateful to have come in contact with my God Ordained Mentor and Destiny Catalyst. I’m a woman empowered now empowering others via the internationalwomenprayerbanquet, I’m a woman transformed. Now I’m living Audaciously and walking Courageously on the path of Purpose and destiny, in the center of God’s will for my life.
I love and honor you RD

Oluwayomi Awoyemi

Almost Everyday I ask myself “what and where would I be if REV. DOTIN didn’t answer God and rise up?” I was really searching for a good relationship with God….it was almost like I was drowning in cluelessness but one way or the other she stirred up fire in her leaders and they found me!!
Her voice is unique and her teachings are the most understandable….most times I find myself zoning out during lesson when it’s getting too big. But with mummy, I understand very well. She truly is the supernatural woman.
She is my role model and I must be disciplined like her.
She reminds me that I can slay fashion but I must also have sense and ruse up from slumber.
Thank you mum (first woman I’m every proud to call my mum even when I’ve not seen her face) for rising up and loving us.

Olonade Adeoluwa

I appreciate this wonderful woman that God gave to be my mentor before I join WPB I used to have low self-esteem and can’t even pray for long hours or in public all these are things of the past thanks to RD Glory be to God.

Temitope Torioa

Before joining WPB, my prayer life was at zero level. I love praying though but I don’t know what to pray about and so my prayer time was like 5 to 10 seconds

I couldn’t sleep at night then. When I closed my eyes to sleep, I would see myself running. Where I was running to I didn’t know. Who was pursuing me I didn’t know. And when I woke up in the morning, it would look as if I didn’t sleep at all.

This continue until I joined WPB and I know the benefits of speaking in tongues, praying long hours, praying as you go and meditating on the word of God.

Now I sleep like a baby and look younger than my 47 years old.

His word said “He gives His beloved sleep”

Toyin Orkeh

I celebrate Rev. Dotun, she has been a turning point in my prayer life.
Since I joined the WPB my life has never been the same.
I celebrate the call of God on you ma and I celebrate you specifically for yielding to the call. The anointing on you will never run dry.

Ejiro Ogunbodu

Meeting RD has been the most life changing experience in my life.
Never met anyone with such passion for the mission that inspires other people to rise up.

Joy Malik

Change my life teach me to speak how to speakTongues how to Fish Creek please

Rasak Tunde

Life became meaningful when I joined WPB. I started living! Thank God for the gift of RD! Where was I all these years?! I am forever grateful that I met RD through WPB. All the teachings changed my orientation on who the believer is and how to live.

Thank you, mum for answering the call of God. You are indeed a blessing to many generations. God bless you, mum a million times over.

Happy Founder’s Day!

Bosede Oyebanji

Reverend Dotun has been a huge impact to my life, she’s someone I cant be ashamed to call my mom anywhere and anytime. The way she has stayed with her pastor has been a challenge to me, like I Must Stay.🙇

I love you so much Mom ❤️

And one Thing I will love to say is Thank You For Rising For The Call.

Happy Founders Day Mom💗

Owolawi Favour Adedayo

WPB has given me confidence and strength I needed in pursuing kingdom business.. Reverend Dotun has thought me through one of our BABY sessions about the purpose driven life, living a life of impact and purpose.

God is not yet done with me and I am praying for capacity as I receive from God.

Joyce Adenuga

Reverend Dotun has changed my life in ways I could never imagine. She has made me see that there’s so much more to life and there’s so much more to me. I’m eternally grateful for her rising up to all she is today because if not for her there’s have been no Pastor Seyi or Pastor Oyindamola or even my leader that raised me.
I now know that God has a plan and purpose for my life, I now know that there’s alot in me for my generation, I now know that God has placed me here in this place for a reason. There’s so much more, but all I say is I thank God for your life mum and I thank you for you❤️❤️


Dotun ARIFALO ministry hAs shaped my life since I joined. Help me to increase in faith and prayer life. Learnt a lot from the ministry. God bless anD increases you ma.
I am made for the top and I believe it and I have it.

Happy anniversary ma❤️

Opeyemi Roseline

Words fail me to describe how powerful and glorious RD is to me, she is such a rare gem, thank God for bringing me in allignment with my destiny catalyst, I don’t know how my life would have been without you mama.
Thank God for revelation knowledge through my community (DH), I now know my left from right, I have come to a place of understanding my realities in Christ.
Mama thank you for answering the call, I pray for more strength to push through in Jesus name
I love you RD

Opeyemi Otunba

Oh wow, what can I say than to say thank u mum. Meeting u few yrs ago in The Dominion House Church through WPB was a great thing that ever happened to me. Your hugs her miraculous, it like a reminder! It’s gives strength also. Your impaction as no ending. Thanks for saying yes! Ur yes had attracted so many to follow Christ and his mission on Earth.

I know there are many mountains to overcome on this journey. Which I’m so greatful for the communities that as been created through u for people like me to be trained to train others.

I don’t care how many years it takes me, so far I’m on the right track and in the right community! I will get there sooner than I thought.
And my testimony will be like that of an Elephant that was pregnant for yrs to birth greatness and when he finally gave birth! The whole Earth knew someone great as come to life!

Mum, I pray that u are continually strengthen. U are truly a rare gem! Congratulations to u for 29yrs and more to come of Impacting lives.

Feyisola Okoya

My destiny catalyst , my teacher, my coach, my mum, I celebrate the day i met you through a friend way back 2015 when wpb started.
Am so grateful to God , you were strategically positioned for me, to be discovered, developed and deployed and to dominate.
You held me by the hand on this path of purpose and my life has never remained the same.
Thank you for giving to the lord. Love you Mum❤️

Adebisi Adenugba

As mum often says; there are no made men but only helped men in life. RD, THANK YOU FOR HELPING THIS YOUNG GIRL. Thank you for awakening me to purpose, something I was always so confused about. If there is one thing I must say, is RD Thank you for rising so that I and many others can rise too. I don’t bluff when I say I count you twice when I count my blessings.

In just a year and 5 months of coming in contact with your ministry, so many things have changed about my life. I prayed for you RD, I prayed for consistency, purpose, spiritual growth and a pastor and RD’s ministry in the form of CIM came a month later. Now the rest is history.

My destiny catalyst, my pastor, my God-sent, My archer, the one whose voice I’m in love with and can’t wait to see. Happy birthday mummy 💖 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

Neminebor Edwina

I came face to face with my destiny when I encountered this Great woman 👠 icon, REVEREND MRS DOTUN ARIFALO. Then she was just PD until she was elevated to the Glory of God. I’m still in progress because there has been several mountains to leap over in this journey. Every nuggets I get from her in course of our journey keeps me going higher. Let me save it here because my testimony shall shake nations.


I joined the June No excuse Boot camp and my life has transformed to a life of Impact.
I am waiting for pathfinder and I join PRAYER Ark which has really improved my prayer life.
THANK you for causing a change.Happy birthday.

Ayoola Ojogwu

From CIDS to attending the kingdom business summit every Thursday and to joining YRR, I have never been so eager to join the growth curve in all ramifications of my life as I did this year. Anytime I hear the name “Rev. Dotun arifalo” I think of growth. Thank you so much ma

Babatunde oluwafisayo

I truly thank God for my destiny catalyst, my pastor, my teacher, my mother…the list is endless. Honestly coming in contact with RV is literally one of the best things that have happened to me. Although we’ve never met physically, her impact in my life is so massive. I’ve become purpose driven, my God! There’s just something about RDs voice …it literally wakes me up. Before I didn’t even know what my purpose was, I was just living life without any direction. Coming in contact with RD made me realize that I was made for more and look at me now, growing in my journey of purpose. I celebrate the great gift that you are ma. I love you endlessly.

Anita Agbenu Attah

Thank you mama for opening my eyes to the world of personal development, now we are taking the awareness to children across Africa.

Ogochukwu Ogbueli

My testmony is my vision, which is to have an environment (church), where ppl will gravitate towards the right teaching, so there mindset will be Christ centered, and not sin conscious.
I see myself preaching the gospel effectively not only in Trinidad and Tobago, but also the Caribbean Islands. This is my mindset I have , since the retreat with RD.

Natasha Ablack

I blessed the name of God in my life, since I joined WPB my life is the same I’m growing every day both physical and spiritual. Thank you PD for allowing God to use you

Oduewu Rachael Adeola

RD is a blessing to me in so many way, whenever she talks or speak I just see myself and say you can do this testimony. She is passionate, firetic and beautiful, through her I learnt that Christianity is not about wearing ugly clothes and that Christianity is never behavioural modification.

RD will say that we train you 360 degree, you can’t be growing spiritually and not have financial resources, and she has also showed me that Ministry is beautiful and everyone is called to the work of ministry.

I remember when I posted her picture on my status and someone was like is that your mom and I was like yes ooo she is my mother, my role model. I look at the way she loves everyone and I am like how can someone be so loving and kind hearted.

She showed me the extent she can go for the mission, her passion is so contagious. God, I love you so much momma, thank you for training us, thank you for being the best pastor/Reverend anyone could ask for, thank you for rising and also giving me the wings to fly, thanks for all you do.

I love you with all my heart, I am counting on to the day that I will hug RD.

Solabi Testimony

Where do I start from, I’ve loved RD from when I did CIDS because of her podcast and I’m in love with her voice 🥺.. when I fully joined the community, my life changed when she saw me and said she wanted to have a conversation with me because I refused a leadership position which is (campus coordinator) and I remember asking pastor Seyi that how did she know I said no, why did you tell her? and she came to me being the sweetest Pastor ever😭 and we had a conversation and she said and I quote ‘The world await you’,🥺. Thank you mum for being very intentional about us and always pushing us to do our best and yes truly the world await me. My generation is blessed to have you. I love you my pastor ❤️

Imaobong Archibong

Rev. D🥺, my inspiration.
Mama RD is truly a blessing in my life. The manner in which she speaks grips you, she’s such a style icon. She makes listening to the Word so understanding and very relatable.

Whenever I see RD, I’m excited 😁
She has empowered so many young girls to pursue ministry, and greatness regardless of our gender, that we are indeed sons of God.

I can’t imagine life without RD, she’s changed too many lives, and we’ll be forever grateful 🥰

Amarachi Kalu

Since when I joined the campus invasion program . I have see improvement in myself. I’m always eager to serve and willing tooo. I give glory to God.

Sedun Irenioluwa

CIM has changed my life and given me a purpose to life. I have grown so much and now have a purpose to life. Thank you RD for rising and raising generals that birthed me.

Omofuma-Godday Obehi blessed

How do I start? It is just too much 😭😭😭😭. RD has blessed me with a lot. Oya oya, let me limit it. I will talk about the podcast 🔥🔥🔥🔥. “Good morning, this is Dotun Arifalo in your early morning inspiration”. This statement is not ordinary. One of my prospect even told me that that statement gives her so much joy. She has made the milk of the Word sweeter 🔥🔥. The series that we are unto of the “Power of imagination” that has taught me that our imagination paints pictures and you have full power to paint the picture you want by controlling your imagination. I most especially love the podcast of “fundamentals of faith”. What struck me is when she said Faith is natural habitat of a believer 🔥🔥.

She has been a catalyst to the ministry I have been called into 🔥🔥🔥. She motives me on the fact that I cannot afford to sleep. She has created a platform for growth. There is no room for black sliding sef.

She is so sweet 🥰🥰. I can remember the first time I saw her. She did not even ask who I was but paid attention to me. I love her so much. As I always so, she is my mum ooo 🤩🤩🤩. Like she is literally feeding me with rich and expensive meals. I have growth so much that I can see a great difference. I cannot even imagine myself without CIM, Mummy, thank you ❤️❤️.

The grace of God will continually grow in you. The eyes of your understanding will continually be enlightened. You will not be tired or weary. Your need will be continually met before they arise. 🔥🔥🔥.

I love you so much, Mum


My joining the CIM was so supernaturally orchestrated that I was convinced that this was indeed a sanctuary for me. I am forever thankful for all she has done and her teachings and words and life is an inspiration to me.

I have never met her but the first thing she said to me when I introduced myself was “Oh my a daughter I never knew I had.”

I am so blessed to be in this family.

Ekpeson Adaeze

Whenever I think of RD, I remember a line from one of her inspirational videos that says, “not on my watch gurllll🔥🔥”.
RD is such a phenomenal woman. Each time I try to sit to understand how she effectively runs about 14 organizations, I come up with a headache.

Thank you so much mum for being an example of “if I can think it, then I can do it”.
Thank you so much for being such a loving mother, a destiny catalyst, a raiser of mennnn…my Godddddd, I am where I am today because mum rose🔥🔥
I came out of years of religion and lack of revelational knowledge within just 6 weeks (CIDS) and got started on the path of purpose because RD, my own PASTOR, chose to say yes to the call.

Thank you for having so much love to give to every of your children. For pouring yourself and laboring tirelessly over us. I’m so grateful for the hugs and kisses mum❤.
I love you so so much mum and I’m so grateful to be part of your ministerial fruits.

Our generation is so blessed to have witnessed your rising.🙌🏽

Babatunde Eyilola

I want to talk about the Morning Inspiration(Battlefield of the mind series)
It changed my mentality entirely. “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” is my motto now. I have learnt how to shape my life without being afraid of anything at all. RD’s teachings on her podcasts are soooooo mind blowing and life changing. I used to have a fear in my bear concerning how my school fees would be paid but since I listened to how to overcome fear, I have stopped every form of worrying and I have learnt to see things beyond the physical. I have a business as well and attending her business class really helped me to understand how I need to work on myself so it can reflect of my business. Thank you RD, you’re a woman of Wisdom, Understanding and true Revelation 🙏🏽

Chinenye Chukwujindu

Before I met Rev.Dotun Arifalo, I was feeling spiritually stagnant and disconnected from my faith. I had questions, doubts, and a longing for something deeper in my relationship with God.
She invested her time and energy into helping me navigate my spiritual journey. Rev. Dotun never judged me, Instead, she encouraged me to explore them, assuring me that seeking truth and understanding is an essential part of faith.
Through Rev.Dotun guidance and mentorship, my spiritual growth flourished. I discovered my unique gifts and talents and how they could be used to serve others and bring glory to God. Rev.Dotun helped me see my worth in Christ and encouraged me to step into the purpose God had prepared for me.
Thank you very much ma for all you do.

Afolayan Oyindamola

I don’t even know where I should start from, from the accelerate challenge, to CIDS to CIM I have been transformed spiritually, physically, mentally and that is only because of Rev Dotun Arifalo, a woman of substance indeed, I love you so much ma God bless you beyond measures and beyond human understanding.❤️

Ifeomameje Chidinma

There’s a lot to be said about Reverend Dotun,, A Destiny Catalyst… Anytime I hear say it one thousand times I am like oh mama ride on 🔥😂 CIM has helped my life in all ways in character wise, in spiritual terms, in communication terms, a lot ooo.

I just thank God that you were able to rise up ma.

Temilade Odesina

Never for once have I thought I would be where I am today! Each time I look back at my life, I thank God for the gift of YOU! My journey of transformation has been nothing short a miracle, Big thanks to YOU MUM!
From CIDP last year as a girl without knowledge, tired of everything and drenched in hopelessness to being a Leader. I would never have thought! Thank YOU my destiny catalyst, for rising, leaving me, many others and more to come the room to do the same.
I remember also, once I was very tired and wanting to give up but YOUR everly timely texts, as seemingly simple as they were came and got me on my feet, it is indeed powerful. Words really can’t express my gratitude. Thank YOU so much Reverend Dotun for shaping me and making me realise HOPE💖
I love you so much MUM💖

Adegbola Gladys G.

Cim Babcock and Cids Babcock have been the best things that ever happened to me because I always knew I was up for more in God’s kingdom, but I never knew where to start. This community gave me a place to start and a place to grow. It taught me that sometimes change might be scary or uncomfortable, but you have to get up and do it because you have what it takes to do it. To grow, you have to be uncomfortable because you can’t grow in comfort, and it is a place to call home. I have found wonderful people and sisters that I am going to do life and ministry with by God’s grace, and I just love Rd so much. Thank you, Ma, for rising and pouring into us in so many ways through your prayers, your inspirational videos, your podcast, and everything you do, Rd helped my spirituality in so many thank you so much ma . I remember the first day I met Rd. She’s such a ray of sunshine that embodies everything good, and someone who carries fire, passion and resilience . She’s so sweet, you could be amazed. Her hospitality is wonderful. She literally made me feel like I was her daughter and like she’d known me for years. Even on her birthday, when I sent her a message, she was very sweet and cute. And that’s what I love about this place. It’s a safe space to feel at home where you feel at peace and are growing and fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. Thank you, ma, for rising. God bless you, ma. I love you, mom.

Emezue doris chiamaka

When I heard RD for the first time, I was taken by the power and energy in her voice😩🔥
I wondered how someone could have so much energy to give and still give out more. Then I heard about her prayer life in the university, her ministry and mandate and I was drawn to it.
Dominion House is an answer to prayers I prayed desperately asking for a community and structure.
God brought her to me.
At a time when I was struggling with following in the CIM when I lost sight and wanted to give up, she reached out to me.
that was all I needed. She listened and told me to come back. There was no condemnation or judgement, only love.
She inspires me. Like ‘RD prayed long hours while in the university. I am in the university! I can have night vigils 😄’
Her entire life has raised generals all over the World.

I am so proud to call her my Pastor.
So very proud🔥

Oresiri Mukoro

It is really funny how I got here, a friend was invited to CIM, then she recommended me to the person that invited her, after few days she got tired of CIM 😂😂 she really lacks patience so to say, I went from the girl who will say “Lord am about to sleep, am about to go out take over” to prayer hours, I lacked the confidence to tell people about Christ because I never wanted to be called a child baby, I didn’t even know the extent of my Authority, I didn’t know about kingship, I didn’t know about inheritance but today I can preach to crowd with my head up high about Christ, I can do and undo with just a word, I really don’t know how mama came about the idea of CIM but I will say it was for my sake, I always had the convention of ministry but I lacked the boldness and charisma but thanks to CIM, I am as bold as can be, I always had guilt of hell and all but not anymore.Let me deviate a bit. My message to people is “try as much as possible to always listen to mama’s podcast”, that Podcast has done a lot in my life, I can’t just explain my level of relationship with God right now, I can listen to it 24hour a day, funny how i will always get a different picture each time I listen to a particular message all over. I will say I moved from level 1 to level 98 all thanks to DOTUN ARIFALO MINISTERIES. Iam really blessed to be under you mummy 💕. You are really a blessing and more. Me, myself and I love you so much and we say thank you for allowing God to use you because if you didn’t allow I don’t know where I will have been.


Have you ever met someone who just resonates with your being in every way? It’s something I call the Prophetic Look where there’s just a knowing that this person, I just have to follow.

That’s Rev. Dotun Arifalo for me.
When I saw that flyer for DMCC 2.0, I just knew.

She’s more than a pastor to me. She brought to reality all the things I only just imagined in my mind.
She is the literal embodiment of power and grace from God.

CIDS, one of her visions in action, was the activating point for my destiny and I’m forever grateful because my life changed completely.

I’m glad she rose because it showed me and so many others that a fulfilling life is possible.

I love you so much mum ❤️

Ololade Ige

I want to thank God for Growth in every areas of my life. My Life has been so easy with God In it. In every Challenges i pass through, God is always there for me. Thank you PD for saying Yes to your creator, and helping women, both young and old to grow stronger in Jesus. I pray for more strength, Grace, Favour,More Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding in this journey of Standing For Christ. God Bless you and your family Richly in Jesus Name. 🙏

Mercy Joshua

Glory to God!! CIM Babcock has actually help in building my spiritual life and am grateful to God for making me to join the Firetic and great community. I celebrate the Grace of God in the life of Reverend Dotun Arifalo, you are truly a destiny catalyst to a lot of people which makes me also not to be excepted. May the Grace of God and the the fellowship of the Holy Spirit always abide with you. Amen🙏 I love you so much my mama❤️ I can’t wait to hug and take pictures with you on Founder’s day🥰💃

Ogundeji Timileyin

I had always dreamt about growth, talked about it, wished for it, and even prayed about it, but for the first time in my life I experienced growth and started my journey of growth when I came in touch with The Next,
(a community RD founded for young graduates) during my service year.

This is one thing I have observed, God brings extraordinary men into the Dotun Arifalo ministries. Golds in their unpure form and I have seen Mom refine these unpure golds into one of the finest of which I am one.

Tominsin Gbadamoshi

I bless the name of the lord for being there at all time, for fulfilling his promises over my life and family. I thank God for healing my Mum from liver enlargement and speen. To Glory be the glory great things He has done. I appreciate God in the life of PD for using her in my life and family.

Falade Beatrice Oluwatomilola

I blessed the name of God since I joined WPB my life is not the same, I’m growing every day both physical and spiritual. Thanks so much ma for allowing God to use you. More Anointing ma.

Oduewu Rachael Adeola

Gloryyyyyyyyyy Allelluyahhh to God
Ma knowing you and being part of your ministry have be a great Everlasting in my life a mind blowing messages from you and your husband are excellent and is like heaven so happy I am alive to witness this time on earth I am privilege to serve God more than ever before all around me change my vision brighten my health get more and more strengthen I want to appreciate and glorify God for the day you said yes to God’s will. I love you momma keep winning and soaring and fire on Ayayayayayayaya

Yakubu Funmilayo titilayo

improved prayer life


Dear mom,

it has been amazing knowing fully well that I have a woman after God’s heart in my life now that sometimes I wish have known you 15years back. You have been a source of encouragement to me and my family.
I joined the ministry after given up on any ministry at all. I have encountered so much in the cost of trying to serve God and to be different but at the end nothing works. But from the day I set my foot in Dominion House all I can see is a place filled with Gods people and its anointed, whole hearted.
Now my prayer life has change drastically and have grown from being afraid to being fearless. I became more intentional and focused as have learnt alot from PD.

I have alot to say but will stop here for now.

I so much love you mum. Thank you for taking this call. More wins ma

Omotanwa Keshinro

The Lord continue to bless and keep you and your family. May He continue to use your to transform lives. Remain bless PD.

Ebubedike Miriam

I want appreciate the name of the lord and PD that God has been using for us,and for the impact PD has made in my life…. I’m so happy to be a part of this family….. Much love ❤️

Temmy 🦋

I bless God for the day I met a fellow Corp member friend that introduced me to this platform. I’ve been struggling with my spiritual growth and actively looking for a mentor or platform to help me. It’s been a wonderful experience and journey being a partner in WPB. I’m knowing God in more ways and a fast rate, God has been proving himself to me. He’s my best pal and I now have a very personal and cordial relationship with him. Thank you mummy and daddy for birthing this ministry. More of strength and grace is made available for you in Jesus most reverenced name.

Eunice Adepoju

Ever since I joined, I have been having an amazing relationship with God.

Williams Isaac

I was sent the link to join WPB in May 2021, whilst I was laying on a hospital bed recovering from covid… the person who sent it never knew where I was. I used to play the program from my bed and allow it to minister to the 3 other women in the Ward.
I have never turned back since then… went on to complete the Pathfinder’s Program and I am currently a Mentor.
Thanks PD for the impact you have made in my life. God Bless You Richly.

Walterene Rousseau

Loving GOD and having a deeper intimacy with GOD. God bless you ma and everyone

Chizoba Dibor

Where do I start from? Honestly, joining WPB has been a rewarding experience. Even though the first few weeks I thought it was a very difficult thing to keep up with. But as my eyes of understanding became more fruitful, I had to bend my mind and control my day to start it right. I get to consciously and intentionally spend time in prayer throughout the week. I have been challenged by the mantra ‘no excuses’ – yes I agree! I am now deliberate about my spiritual well-being and growth. I am a work in progress but I will not relent, I will keep on pushing on, becoming more like Jesus my Master.
I appreciate my big Sis for inviting me – Deaconess Buchi, I love you.
Pastor Dotun, you are awesome! Thank you PD for allowing God to use you mightily, I pray for more grace, unction, and anointing! You will never see a better yesterday. You and your family are under divine cover and preservation.
Amore loves you!

Amore Suleiman

I’ll forever bless the Lord for the day I met you. I’ve seen transformation in my life which is still ongoing. The sound of your voice alone is a source of blessings and inspiration to us among many things that you are to us – a mother, sister, leader, teacher, friend, catalyst, broker of gifts, an accelerator, a true lover of people…………………..we love you Ma. Thank you and many more thanks. The whole fire nation and her upcoming generations wish you a happy celebration seasons.


I thank God for this commission, I have been wanting to belong to a fellowship of women, sister’s to be a blessing and be blessed and I found no other but BWKN. I am really happy and blessed being a member. God bless PD,PV,DC,and everyone being a blessing to our world and generation.


Wow! Joining WPB for the past 3 months has been Awesome. Spiritual Growth, learning of God, soul winning. Awesome Monday prayers by Pastor Dotun Arifalo. Incredible and insightful bible study by pastor Vincent Arifalo. All the prayer co ordinators are Awesome, the books we read. Improving in my spiritual life daily. God is extremely good and kind.

Okiemute Williams

I have grown exponentially and still doing so since I came into WPB . Being in contact with my Destiny Catalust has just been amazing and an answer to a hearts cry.

I remember asking God to contact me with a group of women or woman who will Mentor me on the stage of my life’s journey spiritually. I got more than I ask for in Pastor Dotun. All round development God had in mine. He was just waiting on me to ask.

Joining in the Evovle Gold Circle Club was a faith decision I do not regret. As I often say I thank God for trusting PD to birth me on the Spirit.

Love you so much Ma. You can never imagine how grateful I am. Wishing I was there in person to celebrate.

May the Lord strenthen you and Pst Vincent for the great and mighty things He has for you to accomplish.

Blessings upon Blessings

Pastor Michelle Leonce

The Amazon network has helped me improve in reading and meditating on the word of God everyday .
It has also increased my spiritual life .

Pius Ebikonboere

Attending LLBI was a life transformation for me. Thank you Pastor Dotun Arifalo for sharing your amazing gifts to better the lives of women. .
I am a better business woman now.

Benedicta Onoharigho

Bene dicta Onoharigho

Praise God for His mercies. I was at last year worship service believing God for deliverance from indebtedness, Pastor Dotun Arifalo prayed with me, today I am free, settled and waxing stronger in the faith. Blessed be God forevermore

Samuel Akinyemi

I really want to thank PD for helping me spiritually. I have grow in all areas .My prayer life has increased .Mama thank you ma I love you

Adeyemi Esther

Thank you Jesus that i’m part of Women prayer Bouquet (WPB), Honestly my eyes understanding is enlightened more and more, I really blessed and Favoured through wonderful group.

Favour Chika

My prayer life has improved since I just WPB. I can now pray longer hours and study the word without getting distracted.

Margret Osho

Ever since I joined the network, I have being inspired to develop personally more in my spiritual, physical and mental skills. My mind set up has changed drastically. All to the glory of God. Thanks PD, God bless you and all team admins ,leaders and partners.

Ibiwari Anya

I want to use this opportunity to thank God for the life of our mentor.
I am presently a participant at the ongoing Pathfinder Summer School and my life has been greatly imparted and my mind enlightened in the three weeks I have been in this college and my soul is yearning for more.
Dearly Beloved PD, may the Lord continue to bless you and all yours in Jesus name.

Opalana Rachael Olubunmi

My first encounter with PD blew me away. So much excellence, poise and so much of the presence of God. You’re a wonder ma. God bless you 🎉🎉🎊


There came a time in my life when I wanted more of God through a community of women. The moment I got introduced to WPB by a dear friend turned sister and I connected, I immediately caught the fire. I knew I was in the right place.
Thank you PF for all you are to the worlde.


I also longed for a time to be amidst women consistently on fire for God and PD was God’s answer to me.

I have been inspired, ignited, revived, awakened, empowered and been so deliberate in the few 3 weeks I have been in Women Prayer Banquet.

Thank you Mama and God bless you for accepting the Call.


Knowing about the Women Prayer Banquet, one of the expression and ministry of PD, for me was timely and no regrets. All Glory to God. God bless you Pastor Dotun Arifalo.

Eunice Akhigbe

The number of times I’ve been revived listen to PD Monday morning and the podcasts. Going through the growth plan daily. Attending meetings knowing I can log into mixer and enjoy prayers all the time. Prayer school!!! Being awakened and revived constantly…Thankyou PD and PV for this platform…. My life will never be the same again.

Maggie Ogutu

Glory to God for the spiritual growth every day

Adebayo Funmilayo

Knowing Dotun Arifalo Ministry is a great privilege.

I’m blessed to be a partner

I study the Bible always

Pray for longer hours

Mediate daily

God is good.. Speaking in tongues makes me fulfill in the spirit.

Lots of love to PD❤️❤️❤️

Loveth Azudiugwu

My number one Agenda this year is to know more of God, my earnest desire when I was writing my agenda for 2022 and I came across WPB, PD is a blessing in my life… I don’t know I can be more hotter and hotter day after day… WPB put me over…. I was listening to one of the Pathfinder testimony during divine encounter, she said she can now pray for 10hours, Pray As You Go is the key, I was shocked then I told myself I gonna start and I’m in for more than 10hours, I go 11hours plus… I’m now praying machine… Prayer is now my partner… The uniqueness of this community is just too awesome… Thank you Mama for yielding… I love you… And I’m so happy knowing you and doing life with you…


Oh my goodness, where do start from? It has been an amazing journey with you PD . My life has been upgraded to a woman who enjoys doing hard and Holy things.
Ever since I joined WPB my prayer life is transformed. Am enjoying my life and home on daily basis, I have also learnt to always look good, not like my old picture🤣.
Thank you ma’am for all you do. You will be forever celebrated. 😍

Mimi Kor

I longed for a time to be amidst women consistently on fire for God and PD was God’s answer to me. I have been ignited,revived , awakened, empowered and been so deliberate in the few 3 months I have been in Women Prayer Banquet.

We celebrate you mama.

Joy Wachiye

I want to thank God for the life of our mentor, courage builder and leader of repute. God bless the day you were born and the day you surrender all to Christ.
Joining BWKN has helped me grow both spiritually and emotionally. I’m more confident in myself and what I can offer at all times.
You are a blessing to many, even those that don’t know you through us are blessed because you helped us to find ourselves. Lots of LOVE MA😘😘😘

Mosunmola Durodola

I need help from you people and from god I don’t know what to do I’m tired

Nwaugo Gold Ajaero

PD’s Ministry Has Been A Blessing To Me.

The Lord Lead You Beloved PD Today, Tomorrow, And For All Time In Jesus Name, Amen

Ngozichukwuka, Evelyn ELUEZE

God has used pastor Dotun Arifalo to bless my life so much I can’t help but thank the Lord for bringing me her way.Love you PD


My spiritual life has experienced a greater turnaround. Thanks ma

Adesiyan Omolara

She is so loving,passionate,a purpose driven woman and she sees what no one else sees in u

Chibuzor osigwe

Chibuzor osigwe

Hi Pastor Dotun, thank you for yeilding to the Spirit of God. You are such an amazing ignition of the fire of God in my Spirit. The words, the prayer, the ambience, the love, care in PWB is just whaoooooooo. More importantly the zeal to be sold out for the course of the gospel. May you live long to be more relevant and touch more lives, may grace lead your path and dot your ways, continue to bask in God’s overwhelming grace. Happy birthday ma.


God bless you ma. Thank you for giving to the Lord. I have been greatly blessed by this ministry. Happy birthday ma


Happy birthday sweet PD, you are absolutely amazing.

Oluseun and Olufunmi Adebanjo

All round increase. Am so grateful to God

Feyisayo kehinde

I don’t know where I would have been today without P.D.. she has blessed my life and still blessing more and more..More grace mom.

Udigwe chibuzor

Pastor Dotun speaks inspirationally into being

Bolanle praise

I haven’t seen such a loving pastor like PD before you are amazing How you combine all you do amaze me God is so big in your life and i pray this new year you will be on another measure i wish you long life and prosperity in sound mind and good health 🥰❤️

Adegboyega Damola

Thank you PD for saying yes to God and purpose.

I was fired up the first time i listened to you and i wondered who is this woman…so sound, strong, inspiring, intelligent, spirit-filled, very fluent, beautiful … oh my God!!

I knew without doubt that the mentor I’d been praying for has finally been found on a platter of Gold.

Thank you Jesus for you keep increasing mom in strength and wisdom. Thank you for enlarging her capacity to do more for the kingdom.

Thank you because nothing hinders her from executing the projects you’ve placed upon her heart.

Thank you for endowing her with sound health forever. Thank you for plenty money to do your business. Amen!

Happy birthday mum!

Kehinde Bello

Ever since I joined the Woman prayer Banquet, my spiritual life has really grown.

Martha Peter

My spiritual life has being transformed through WPBAVID
I see a reason of praying at all time


I love you mummy Arifalo, I cover your praying in tongues spirit. God bless your existence now and always.

Akindele Toyin



Phenomenal! And that is just a word to start because PD is Phenomenal and so much more!

I don’t know how you do it. A sound mind, A smashing beauty and then a strong spirit – How do you do it, mom?

A heart so large for everyone to fit Comfortably in. Oh! PD is so accommodating..

I could go on and on but I will simply pause here and wish mom a happy birthday. May this be the best so far with many even better ones ahead!

Happy birthday, PD!


I am very delighted to have met this platform.
I wish for more spiritual growth and fire.
I wish for good jobs, contracts and God’s unending favour.
Thank you Jesus.

Oyelade Anulika Patricia

It has been awesome identifying with you.. My life has known huge turn around, spiritually, mentally emotionally and career wise.. You are an ansewerd prayer to my life. Thank you PD for saying YES to God.

Ijeoma John-Tor

Knowing DH my life totally transformed

Unaji justice

It’s such a grace to be part of this family of God where life do not remain the same. Have known through this page that my primary purpose is about the mission of God and evangelism. The growth plan has indeed turn my life around and I’m enjoying every bit of this new found journey.

Congratulations WPB.

Ayomikun Shobowale

The life of PD is really a great blessing to my world. I will forever be grateful to God for connecting me with her. Journeying this spiritual race with her has been of great impact to me and the people around me.
I just love the new me that is been raised by such a great General.
God bless you Mum. You are the best.

Oyinyinka Akinyemi

Hmmm, where do I start this testimonies. God has really been faithful. I could remember when the souls challenge started I wasn’t sure of I wanted to do or understood what I needed to do, all I remembered was that I said to myself *”it’s time for souls to be won on my account in heaven”*. Then I was just doing it anyhow 😃, because I wasn’t so sure of the process.

After few days, I couldn’t remember how it became a part of me that, all I wanted to talk about to people was Jesus; my students in Yabatech, my WhatsApp status wasn’t exempted as that’s where I have more active followers. To the glory of God I have done my best and Holy Spirit is doing the conviction that, I believe. In addition a Muslim sister was welcomed to the family today.

I posted about WPB on my WhatsApp status today, two people already asked, “How can I join” within a minute. JESUS!!!!

This thing cannot stop o, I’M SO ADDICTED TO SOULS WINNING.

THANK YOU MUMSY( I can comfortably call you that now, because you have successfully delivered me to the realisation of my vision and purpose as a women.)

MODUPE GAN NIIIIII O. (I’m sooo grateful)

Deborah Faseyi

Your teachings has been so impactful. Thank God for bringing your ministry my way.

My Spiritual life is growing daily, all thanks to you, and to GOD’S inspiring flow of grace upon you. Thank you and God bless you so much. Souls are supernaturally attracted to you. I love you so much mum

Chioma Ugochukwu

I am grateful to God for the gift of PD, Thank you Mom for helping me discover me.
For years i lived without the knowledge of who I was and why I was alive, i tried several ways not even a counselor could help nor any family member. I met with PD in 2022 and my life never remained the same, one thing I observed is that once you meet PD two major things are sorted out, the right community of people and the right direction as to living purposefully.
I love you Mom, we are doing more than 50 years together….from your daughter.

Tominsin Gbadamoshi

PD is a gift from God to her generation just as Jesus christ is a gift to the world I celebrate GRACE💕, I thank God that direct me to join. WPB has transformed my life glory to God PD is a blessing to me and my family love ❤️❤️you so much 🌹🌹

Oluwagbemisola Taiwo

I cannot be found anywhere aside WPB, I JOINED when I was tired and frustrated…..it was a very trying period for my family and I, I was practically jobless, focusless, directionless, everything less at this time, at that point, i could not boost of 100 naira to my name, I had dreams but fear was the top carrier, WPB came through, prayer life skyrocketed, business mind expanded……I became intentional about everything especially the sowing part, this is me, my family addicted to Dotun Arifalo Ministry, same me that could not afford, or struggles with baby and partnership has increased my partnership 2ice, i have a job, my business as a fashion designer has picked up, confidence in my prayers been answered is the best gift i received. I became selfless because PD thought me to be selfless. Thank you mom, i wish i had known you 10 years back…….but still i have added speed because i am catching up😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

Ifedayo Somotun

It’s been 7Months of Love, bonding, stretchy training, Mind shifts, Capacity building, Spiritual Growth and More…

I just want to appreciate and celebrate Graces, Gifts, and Fruit of the Spirit in the life of PD.

Thanks for saying Yes to the Call momma🔥💓🎉🎉

Priscillia Benson

It’s been 7Months of Love, bonding, stretchy training, Mind shifts, Capacity building, Spiritual Growth and More…

I just want to appreciate and celebrate Graces, Gifts, and Fruit of the Spirit in the life of PD.

Thanks for saying Yes to the Call momma🔥💓🎉🎉

Priscillia Benson

It’s been 7Months of Love, bonding, stretchy training, Mind shifts, Capacity building, Spiritual Growth and More…

I just want to appreciate and celebrate Graces, Gifts, and Fruit of the Spirit in the life of PD.

Thanks for saying Yes to the Call momma🔥💓🎉🎉

Priscillia Benson

My prayer life is changing
Each day doesn’t pass by without me feeling guilty that I’ve not been accountable for my prayer.
I really appreciate the WPB accountability form ❤️

Ifejesuyemi Fagoroye

Happy Birthday Pastor Dotun Arifalo.

Your teachings has been so impactful. Thank God for bringing your ministry my way.

My Spiritual life is growing daily, all thanks to you, and to GOD’S inspiring flow of grace upon you.

Thank you ma, for yielding to the call and gift of God for you.

More grace and wisdom ma.
Love you ma.

Queen A Ugbebor

I joined the Women Prayer Banquet in February 2020 and my life has never remain thesame. Coming from a place of spiritual apathy, lack of direction and no sense of identity but because PD yielded to her life’s calling, she helped me birth mine. I am grateful for the gift of you and for all that you do to ensure you pull us together, WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE in Pd’s voice is like Sefunmi, you are playing small. Happy birthday MY kinda woman, May all that you need to see Habakkuk 2:14 happen in your time gravitate towards you, you are blessed with the finest of men, labourers who are willing to go all the way with you. Souls are supernaturally attracted to you. I love you so much mum💞

Sefunmi Adedara

I am grateful for this ministry has turned my prayer life around

Christine Daniel

I thank God for the gift of Wpb …. it’s been a great blessing to my spiritual life.

Olufunmi Olanrewaju Uzordinma

Dominion House Global Church is the right place to be if you want to grow spiritually.

Every day keeps getting better and better in the revelation knowledge of God

Dominion House changed my life completely.

Odemeroh Rita

I have been tremendously blessed joining Women Prayer Banquet. PD’s zeal for God is not comparable.
My spiritual life has been recharged and i know this is just the beginning of a beautiful spiritual journey. No one joins this commission and remains the same. I salute the mandate and i know that surely the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of God. Halleluyah.

Ndidi Okunnuga

Recently join the Women’s Prayer Banquet and my life has taken a great transformation. Before I spend my time being depressed and thinking of when I’m going to get my desired expectations and promises and I feel pressured and weighed down. Now I no longer feel it cos my time is spent on reading the word of God, praying the Pauline prayers and reading trying to get the summary of my book reviews and daily podcast to complete my growth plan. I feel lifted and joyful no longer depressed. Thank you, PD. Thank you for yielding yourself to the ministry of touching women and life of impartation. Thank you and God bless you so much. Words fail me. I really do love your voice and can deduce the passion for lost souls when you talk about soul winning.

Ohasonu Ebere

Knowing PD is doing destiny and getting fulfilled. She keeps me going spiritually and growing 360⁰.


I couldn’t pray up to 5 minutes before I joined WPB. But now, I pray long hours and I’m bold to evangelise.

Toyin Orkeh

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