Prayer Adventure

Dominion House Prayer Chain

From 4 Hour Prayer Adventures daily to kickstarting the pilot phase of 24 hours prayers, 5 days a week, the Fire Nation Emerged. And for two weeks, God showed us the unending possibilities in this consecration walk with Him in the place of prayer- The church that never sleeps emerged.

July 1 2020, the official launch of the Prayer Chain started. Dominion House positioned herself to fan the flames of the 2020 revival. The ten year prayer project that would have Kingdom leaders praying in the spirit

By eve of its one year anniversary, 6,240 hours of intense and fervent prayers in the spirit would have been logged in . With what started with 25 faithful disciples, the prayer chain has a team of 120 prayer partners praying tirelessly that the kingdom of this world become the kingdom of our God. The Spirt of Prayer, Grace and Supplication is stirred up within these prayer partners as they show up every hour, day in day out to stand in the place of supplication for the world.

Our goal is to raise prayer communities online and at physical Locations with dedicated prayer partners and prayer members praying at the same hour together, Mondays-Fridays. What started out as a desire to pray more has evolved into a way of life at Dominion House.

We are not just focused on prayers but understand that the spirit of God always leads men to the place of revelation knowledge of God’s Word. As a result, our prayer partners enjoy a spiritual growth environment within our Missional structures.

To find out more about how to be a part of the prayer chain, contact

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