Women Empowerment

Leading Ladies Business Network

Welcome to the Leading Ladies Business Network LLBN, where anything is possible! We believe that every woman is a goldmine of endless opportunities, that when harnessed can become a change agent in her environment. Every woman ought to have a dream to change her world in one way or the other, LLBN provides the enabling environment to make your dreams come true.

We believe in the power of positive networks, this is why LLBN provides a platform of learning, growth and opportunities through our ever expanding circle of inspiring and progressive relationships that will enrich the 21st century woman and empower her to harness and take advantage of the huge resources within and around her, while empowering other women in the process.

Our Vision 
Creating a network of financially empowered women who empower other women for the development of the society at large.

Our Mission 
To create an enriching and empowering learning environment of friendship, inspiration and support for the female entrepreneur, to rise to her highest possible potential in business and life in general.

Our Motto :
One for All and All for One.

Registration is restricted to graduates of the Leading Ladies business institute LLBI.

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