As mum often says; there are no made men but only helped men in life. RD, THANK YOU FOR HELPING THIS YOUNG GIRL. Thank you for awakening me to purpose, something I was always so confused about. If there is one thing I must say, is RD Thank you for rising so that I and many others can rise too. I don’t bluff when I say I count you twice when I count my blessings.

In just a year and 5 months of coming in contact with your ministry, so many things have changed about my life. I prayed for you RD, I prayed for consistency, purpose, spiritual growth and a pastor and RD’s ministry in the form of CIM came a month later. Now the rest is history.

My destiny catalyst, my pastor, my God-sent, My archer, the one whose voice I’m in love with and can’t wait to see. Happy birthday mummy 💖 I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

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