It is really funny how I got here, a friend was invited to CIM, then she recommended me to the person that invited her, after few days she got tired of CIM 😂😂 she really lacks patience so to say, I went from the girl who will say “Lord am about to sleep, am about to go out take over” to prayer hours, I lacked the confidence to tell people about Christ because I never wanted to be called a child baby, I didn’t even know the extent of my Authority, I didn’t know about kingship, I didn’t know about inheritance but today I can preach to crowd with my head up high about Christ, I can do and undo with just a word, I really don’t know how mama came about the idea of CIM but I will say it was for my sake, I always had the convention of ministry but I lacked the boldness and charisma but thanks to CIM, I am as bold as can be, I always had guilt of hell and all but not anymore.Let me deviate a bit. My message to people is “try as much as possible to always listen to mama’s podcast”, that Podcast has done a lot in my life, I can’t just explain my level of relationship with God right now, I can listen to it 24hour a day, funny how i will always get a different picture each time I listen to a particular message all over. I will say I moved from level 1 to level 98 all thanks to DOTUN ARIFALO MINISTERIES. Iam really blessed to be under you mummy 💕. You are really a blessing and more. Me, myself and I love you so much and we say thank you for allowing God to use you because if you didn’t allow I don’t know where I will have been.

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