Oh wow, what can I say than to say thank u mum. Meeting u few yrs ago in The Dominion House Church through WPB was a great thing that ever happened to me. Your hugs her miraculous, it like a reminder! It’s gives strength also. Your impaction as no ending. Thanks for saying yes! Ur yes had attracted so many to follow Christ and his mission on Earth.

I know there are many mountains to overcome on this journey. Which I’m so greatful for the communities that as been created through u for people like me to be trained to train others.

I don’t care how many years it takes me, so far I’m on the right track and in the right community! I will get there sooner than I thought.
And my testimony will be like that of an Elephant that was pregnant for yrs to birth greatness and when he finally gave birth! The whole Earth knew someone great as come to life!

Mum, I pray that u are continually strengthen. U are truly a rare gem! Congratulations to u for 29yrs and more to come of Impacting lives.

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