RD has made such an impact in my life that it is almost impossible to talk about where and who I am today without mentioning her.

In all honestly it’s really difficult to comprehend how I came in contact with RD when I’m all the way in South Africa. It just shows me how intentional God is.

From the minute I got talking with RD I knew that this was no ordinary setup by God.

My relationship with Rev D has taught me that there are just somethings you can’t run from when it’s calling you. (Story for another day).

In summary I just want to say, thank you to Rev D for being a covering, a mother, a coach a friend and most important my destiny catalyst. Every time I have to talk about RD words just seem to fail me but that just shows what a woman of value and substance she is. She’s no ordinary woman and I can’t thank God enough for bringing me into her space.

I love you so much, mum ❤️
Thank you for all you do, for who you are and for what you stand for.

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