The first I heard of RD was her voice from the Pauline Prayers, my sisters always played it. But I would always ask why she yelled so much like that, like, was it necessary? I had concerns that shouldn’t even be my worry which was, does she not feel some kind of hurt in her voice from screaming out her lungs??

Fast forward the first day I finally came to church, my sis said to go say hello, she practically dragged me to RD because left for me, I didn’t want anybody in my face.

I got to her, sis introduced me and she let out this welcome smile 😁 then she followed it with her signature hug. That was literally the first time someone hugged me genuinely like that. And typical of PD, (no time to waste) she asked if I was saved of which I wasn’t sure.
She quickly reached out to MFi to take me through the process.

And since that day, this same voice that felt like a disturbance now serves as Wake up call for times when I want to snooze.
This voice is like a Trainer’ that yells at his trainee when he is not getting the right passes.
This voice has not stopped ringing ‘if I RD can do it, you too can!

I’m super grateful for the gift of you ma. Sometimes I say to myself, do I really deserve you? You’re an embodiment of grace. I celebrate you everyday ma

I remain grateful to God for bringing me into this pack! Love you!

Happy Founder’s Day Mum 💃🏻💃🏻👯

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