Whenever I think of RD, I remember a line from one of her inspirational videos that says, “not on my watch gurllll🔥🔥”.
RD is such a phenomenal woman. Each time I try to sit to understand how she effectively runs about 14 organizations, I come up with a headache.

Thank you so much mum for being an example of “if I can think it, then I can do it”.
Thank you so much for being such a loving mother, a destiny catalyst, a raiser of mennnn…my Godddddd, I am where I am today because mum rose🔥🔥
I came out of years of religion and lack of revelational knowledge within just 6 weeks (CIDS) and got started on the path of purpose because RD, my own PASTOR, chose to say yes to the call.

Thank you for having so much love to give to every of your children. For pouring yourself and laboring tirelessly over us. I’m so grateful for the hugs and kisses mum❤.
I love you so so much mum and I’m so grateful to be part of your ministerial fruits.

Our generation is so blessed to have witnessed your rising.🙌🏽

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