Understand Your True Potential

The average person is loaded with so much potential that if you lived a hundred lifetimes, you could never exhaust your full potential. However, most people leave the earth never realizing their full potential; they die with unfulfilled potential.

Potential is:

  1. Who you are that you have not yet become.
  2. What you have that you have not yet harnessed.
  3. What you can do that you have not yet done.
  4. Where you are capable of reaching that you have not yet reached, and it’s all within you.

Possessing huge potentials and never harnessing them is like being an extraordinary singer who died with the music inside; never singing a note or releasing his or her music to the world. No one pays you for having potential, you are only paid and rewarded for discovering, developing, and producing value for others. To reach your potential, you must grow and become intentional about discovering yourself. You must learn to grow and continuously develop yourself to become all you were created to be. You must develop an insatiable hunger, cultivate the right attitudes, understand your strengths, tap into your passions, develop relevant skills, and generally be in touch with your purpose. You cannot change your life until you change your mindsets and lifestyle. Growth must be intentional, and hard work does not guarantee success. Hard work can get you started, but it is growth that keeps you moving towards your goal of financial success and general wellbeing. If you focus on getting to the top of the ladder or achieving your goals 6 through determination, you may, but it still does not guarantee growth. However, if you focus on growth, you will grow and achieve your goals. People are anxious to change their lot in life―earn more money, become happier, become healthier etc., ―but they are not willing to pay the precious price of improving themselves. Therefore, they remain grounded no matter how hard they try.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” ‒ Proverbs 23:7

 We are not ‘human doings’, but human beings. We must focus on becoming transformed within first, and then we will automatically become changed on the outside and produce results. If you are going to achieve your dreams, aspirations, and goals, then you must grow into them. You cannot suddenly jump into it, as many think. The journey of growth requires discipline, dedication, and consistent hard work, and you must be willing to pay the required sacrifice to grow. The fact remains that if you jump up, you will come down, but if you grow up, you will stay up.

 There are five major areas of change we all must go through, to grow intentionally:

  1. Spiritual growth
  2. . Mental growth
  3. Emotional growth
  4. Social growth
  5. Physical growth.

You can find our more principles of success in my book Find Your Gold which I wrote with the aim of helping you find the real ‘You’. I believe deep within everyone is a fearless warrior, a world champion and a Success. I’m rooting for you always.

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