People often ask me why they need to pray for long hours and try to justify their little prayer hour or powerlessness, my response always is that there is a depth of God’s Spirit that cannot be found on the surface, just as gold is not found on the surface of the ground. God is supernatural, He is a Spirit, and those who worship Him can only do so in the Spirit.

We must drill deep in the spirit to hit the gusher. Here are 5 reasons we pray long hours

  1. We can never enjoy the very best of God playing in shallow water. There are depths in God’s Spirit that can’t be touched until we have explored the power of praying for extended hours. In the Fire Nation, the movement I pastor we have a Global Interdenominational 24 Hours Prayer Chain I launched in 2020 where we pray Mondays to Fridays with a Prayer Leader for every hour. In three years, we’ve experienced God’s power, and seen the miraculous. That could only happen by praying long prayer hours, there’s so much power we wield praying long hours. Click here to join the prayer chain.
  2. Praying long hours help you to connect with your real Spirit self , that is, who we are in the spirit, thereby releasing our potential and inner resource .
  3. We throw prayer power ahead of us that doors open up of their own accord. The journey ahead of you is so far out that we need to send prayers on errand ahead of you. Praying long hours help you to achieve this . We must not be lagging behind or owing in prayer power. If you are struggling with your prayer life you can join the No Excuse Bootcamp ; a training designed to help Believers get consistent with spiritual activities.
  4. Praying long hours command breakthrough in the spirit. Every failure in life is a prayer failure.
    We must harness the power of persevering in the place of prayer until something shifts .
  5. Praying long hours is God’s training ground for destiny and purpose.

To learn more about the need to pray long hours get my book Power of Praying Long Hours

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