Hmmm, where do I start this testimonies. God has really been faithful. I could remember when the souls challenge started I wasn’t sure of I wanted to do or understood what I needed to do, all I remembered was that I said to myself *”it’s time for souls to be won on my account in heaven”*. Then I was just doing it anyhow 😃, because I wasn’t so sure of the process.

After few days, I couldn’t remember how it became a part of me that, all I wanted to talk about to people was Jesus; my students in Yabatech, my WhatsApp status wasn’t exempted as that’s where I have more active followers. To the glory of God I have done my best and Holy Spirit is doing the conviction that, I believe. In addition a Muslim sister was welcomed to the family today.

I posted about WPB on my WhatsApp status today, two people already asked, “How can I join” within a minute. JESUS!!!!

This thing cannot stop o, I’M SO ADDICTED TO SOULS WINNING.

THANK YOU MUMSY( I can comfortably call you that now, because you have successfully delivered me to the realisation of my vision and purpose as a women.)

MODUPE GAN NIIIIII O. (I’m sooo grateful)

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