I cannot be found anywhere aside WPB, I JOINED when I was tired and frustrated…..it was a very trying period for my family and I, I was practically jobless, focusless, directionless, everything less at this time, at that point, i could not boost of 100 naira to my name, I had dreams but fear was the top carrier, WPB came through, prayer life skyrocketed, business mind expanded……I became intentional about everything especially the sowing part, this is me, my family addicted to Dotun Arifalo Ministry, same me that could not afford, or struggles with baby and partnership has increased my partnership 2ice, i have a job, my business as a fashion designer has picked up, confidence in my prayers been answered is the best gift i received. I became selfless because PD thought me to be selfless. Thank you mom, i wish i had known you 10 years back…….but still i have added speed because i am catching up😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

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