RD is a blessing to me in so many way, whenever she talks or speak I just see myself and say you can do this testimony. She is passionate, firetic and beautiful, through her I learnt that Christianity is not about wearing ugly clothes and that Christianity is never behavioural modification.

RD will say that we train you 360 degree, you can’t be growing spiritually and not have financial resources, and she has also showed me that Ministry is beautiful and everyone is called to the work of ministry.

I remember when I posted her picture on my status and someone was like is that your mom and I was like yes ooo she is my mother, my role model. I look at the way she loves everyone and I am like how can someone be so loving and kind hearted.

She showed me the extent she can go for the mission, her passion is so contagious. God, I love you so much momma, thank you for training us, thank you for being the best pastor/Reverend anyone could ask for, thank you for rising and also giving me the wings to fly, thanks for all you do.

I love you with all my heart, I am counting on to the day that I will hug RD.

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