When I heard RD for the first time, I was taken by the power and energy in her voice😩🔥
I wondered how someone could have so much energy to give and still give out more. Then I heard about her prayer life in the university, her ministry and mandate and I was drawn to it.
Dominion House is an answer to prayers I prayed desperately asking for a community and structure.
God brought her to me.
At a time when I was struggling with following in the CIM when I lost sight and wanted to give up, she reached out to me.
that was all I needed. She listened and told me to come back. There was no condemnation or judgement, only love.
She inspires me. Like ‘RD prayed long hours while in the university. I am in the university! I can have night vigils 😄’
Her entire life has raised generals all over the World.

I am so proud to call her my Pastor.
So very proud🔥

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